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In the last couple of years Android language has evolved and changed the way we surf the internet on mobiles, the evolution of the Android language has also put forth the need for good Android programmers, THIRDEYE’s specialized curriculum in Android app development is braced with technical advisers and unique course delivery methods where students who either completed their B. Tech or MCA are not just learned Android but also do live projects under the guidance of our qualified trainers. THIRD EYE has evolved as one of the fastest-growing institutes for Android development, android app training, and mobile application development training in Jaipur. Come and take a free demo for Android Training Computer Institute with full details. ThirdEye Institute is providing the Best Android application training course in Jaipur. We are charging a minimal fee for an Android application development course. (Mobile App Development Course In Jaipur)

Mobile App Development Course In Jaipur

ThirdEye the pioneer Company in Android Training with best Android course contents and android projects in JAIPUR.We taught Android Application Development in our company with in-depth concepts integrating JAVA language and fine use of Latest Android Studio , emulator and deployment on Android Devices like Smart Phone or Android Tablets.Regular assignment improve your skills and knowledge during study and practice session.Institute also take test and examination after completion of course and provide Certification on Android which is eligible in any IT sector or company.

We also refer Android Training modules given by Android community for better understanding of classes.Our Android course cover multiple lessons of typical concepts in classes which help students to become Android App developer.So Learn How to create Android App in Development classes of ThirdEye under guidance expert trainer through hands on Real Time Projects.Learn Android App Development on different versions like Lollipop,Marshmallow,Nougat etc to get better JOB opportunity through ThirdEye Institute.

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Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applicationsAndroid’s mobile operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. The Android open-source software stack consists of Java applications running on a Java-basedobject-oriented application framework on top of Java core libraries running on a Dalvik virtual machine featuring JIT compilation. Android has a large community of developers writing applications that extend the functionality of the devices. There are currently over 150,000 apps available for AndroidThirdeye Computer Institute is the best android training institute in jaipur, android training in jaipurandroid jaipur & best android project instituteThirdeye Computer Institute is providing Live Android Training in jaipur with Real Apps Development by Real Developers in a Company Environment. Thirdeye Computer Institute is the best Android training institute in jaipurAndroid Real Apps Training Jaipur, Android Coaching in jaipur & Best Android Training Centre in india Jaipur.

Thirdeye Computer Institute provides Android training in jaipurThirdeye Computer Institute have industries best trainer who provides training to student in professional manner according to industry requirements. Android is a Linux-based open source operating system for mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablet computers, which has been adapted by many Smartphone companies for their mobile devices operating system.

Students’ skill set in mobile base programming would be developed in the Advanced Certification Course in Mobile Application Development. It also includes the application of programming to the creation of mobile games.


Introduction to Android Training
Introduction to Android
History of Android
Android Architecture
Different API versions of Android
Introduction to Android Components: Activity, Service, Content Provider, Broadcast Receiver
Introduction to Android Software Stack
Dalvik Virtual Machine(DVM)
ADB(Android Debug Bridge)
APK file generation
Advantages of Android Source Code
Android applications on Google Play

Android Training: Android UI and Adapters
Android UI Elements
Linear Layout
Relative Layout
Frame Layout
Table Layout
Absolute Layout
Check Box
View Group
Options Menu
Context Menu
Sub Menu
Expanded Menu
Styles and Themes
Array Adapter
Base Adapter
Cursor Adapter

  • Working in Background: Services
    Introducing Services
    Service Life Cycle
    Local Services
    Implementation of Local Services
    Remote Services
    Implementation of Remote Services
    Introducing Handler
    Implementation of Handler
    Async Task
    Introducing Async Task
    Implementation of Async Task
    Introduction to Notifications
    Notification Manager
    Introducing Alarms
    Implementation of Alarms
  • Web Services
    Introducing Web Services
    SOAP and REST Protocols for Web Services
    DOM Parser
    SAX Parser
    JSON Parser
  • Telephony and SMS
    Introduction to Telephony Manager
    Using Telephony Manager
    Tracing incoming and outgoing SMS
    Tracing incoming and outgoing Call
    Tracing incoming and outgoing MMS
  • Developing Application for TABLETS
    Introduction to Fragments
    Using fragments for tablet application
    Creating a Fragment
    Calling a fragment from an activity
    Calling a Fragment from a Fragment
  • Android Training: Setting Up Android Development Environment
    Software Requirements for Android Development
    Downloading JDK
    Downloading Eclipse
    Downloading Android SDK
    Downloading ADT
    Introduction to Android Emulator
    Structure of Android Application
    Significance of Manifest File
    Creating First Android application
    Running an android application
    Debugging an android Application
    Deploying application on Google Play

Android Training: Activity, Intent , BroadCast Receiver and Dialog
Defining Activity
Activity Life Cycle
Implicit Intent
Explicit Intent
Sticky Intents
Pending Intents
Intent Filter
BroadCast Receiver
Introducing Broadcast Receiver
Implementation of BroadCast Receive
Alert Dialogs
Different Types of Alert Dialogs
Designing custom Alert Dialogs

  • Introducing SQlite Database and content Provider
    Introducing SQLite Database
    Introducing SQLite OpenHelper
    Adding Row
    Updating Row
    Deleting Row
    Using Content Provider
    Adding, Deleting, Updating and Querying a Row in content provider
  • Google Maps and Location Based Services
    Introducing Google Maps
    Using Map Controller
    Getting Map API Key
    Getting Production/Release MD5 Fingerprint
    Introducing OverLays
    Selecting a location provider
    Finding Current Location
    Forward Geocoding
    Reverse Geocoding
  • Files,Shared Preference and SD card
    Creating Shared Preferences
    Saving Application data in Shared Preferences
    Retrieve Application Data from Shared Preferences
    Creating Files
    Saving files to SD Card
    Saving audio ,video ,images to SD card
    Retrieving audio,video images from SD Card
  • Audio,Video and Camera
    Introducing Media Player
    Playing Audio
    Recording Audio
    Preparing Audio and Video for playback
    Using Camera for Taking Pictures

Bluetooth, Networks ,Wi-Fi ,sensors and 2D Animation
Introducing Bluetooth
Accessing Local Bluetooth Device Adapter
Network Connectivity
Introducing Connectivity Manager
Monitoring Network Connectivity
Introducing Wi-Fi
Monitoring Wi-Fi Connectivity
Introducing Sensors
Magnetic Field Sensor
Introducing 2D Animation


Android Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer
Game Developer

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