Adv. Certification in Digital Illustration

Digital illustration helps you the exploration of the new artistic values. It makes use of the digital tools to produce the images under the complete manipulation of the artist through his tablet or mouse. You can even manipulate photographs from the scratch. It stands aloof from the images generated by the computer. It reflects the liveliness in the image generated by the hands of the artist.



The very objective is to unleash the creativity using different skills and techniques. It focuses on bringing out the exquisite formations with the help of digital marks on the digital canvas with effects and transformations of the vectors.

Course Outline:

The course covers up various contents that help you understand various concepts. These include various topics like-

  • The content includes the section that helps you understand the guidelines on choosing appropriate hardware and software.
  • It covers up the topics the basic comprehension and application of the tools of bitmap and vector.
  • It deals with the application of brushes, pencils and pens in digital frames.
  • The course involves the study of text insertion, filtering, layering and transformations. It also teaches students to master the concepts of unification of the real world art with the digitized applications.
  • It deals with the study of the illustrator and Photoshop software�s for the application of interfacing, terminologies and the workflow. It helps you to comprehend the manipulation of digital graphics, vector and raster images.
  • The course outlines the study of image adjustments, combination of two different images, blending of art forms, shapes and colors. It helps you choose the appropriate background for images with perfect color selection.

Course Outcome:

Technologies Used:

Two most vivid types of the technologies used in the digital illustration are bitmapped and vector application. Bitmap applications are mostly used for the painting programs while the vector applications are usually used for the drawing programs.

Career Scope:

There are numerable career opportunities in the fields of digital illustration applications. You could explore various opportunities to explore in the industries of animations, media, and advertising. You can also work as a freelancer. You can get working as a tutor in schools or colleges of arts.

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