Angular.JS ( JAVA Script Framework)


What is Angular.JS ( JAVA Script Framework)?

Certainly! AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and extends HTML syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly. Here is a simple example of an AngularJS application that demonstrates some basic features such as data binding, controllers, and modules.

Single Page Applications
  • Using Angular’s Routing Service
  • Creating a Skeleton Single-Page Application


  • Where Controllers fit in, and what they do,
    from Angular’s perspective
  • Managing Scope
  • Setting up Behavior
  • Building a basic controller
  • A more advanced controller


  • How to create a model
  • Explicit models
  • Implicit models


  • View: a little bit different
  • Tying a View to a Controller
  • Tying a View to a Model


  • Expressions are lightweight code snippets
  • Expression capabilities
  • Limitations
  • The border between expressions and Seval


  • Scope lifecycle
  • Scopes as the glue between controller and view
  • Scope hierarchies

Angular Forms

  • Angular forms vs HTML forms
  • Angular form controls
  • Form events
  • The form controller
  • Form validation

Ajax, Data, and Angular

  • High-level interactions with servers
  • Low-level server interactions with $http
  • The deferred/promised API
  • Making RESTful Service calls with $resource


  • Teaching HTML new tricks
  • Binding text and attributes
  • Directive processing lifecycle
  • A basic directive
  • Directives and scopes
  • Creating reusable directives
  • Turning directives into components

Angular User Interfaces

  • Angular Forms
  • Using Angular with Angular UI and Angular Bootstrap

Angular Services

  • Providers as a concept
  • The Service Provider
  • The Factory Provider
  • The Provider recipe


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