ArtCAM Course in Jaipur


What is ArtCAM?

ArtCAM (Art Computer-Aided Manufacturing) is a software suite developed for creating and machining detailed artistic designs and patterns. It combines CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) tools to facilitate the design and production of intricate 2D and 3D models, handy for applications such as woodworking, jewelry design, sign making, and mold making.

ArtCAM Fundamental

  • Introduction About ARTCAM
  • Starting ArtCAM
  • Opening Existing ArtCAM File
  • Understanding the Interface of ArtCAM
    Knowing ArtCAM Terminology
    Customizing the Interface
    Using ArtCAM Workspaces
    Resetting the Workspace

Getting Started

  • Creating a New Model
  • Understanding the ArtCAM Workflow
  • Using Mouse Controls
  • Using Zoom Commands in 2D & 3D
  • Understanding the Concept Behind the Zoom
  • Using Viewing Tools
  • Secure your data with Save
  • SaveAS & Auto-Recover
  • Using Close & Exit

Creating Vector Using Drafting Tools

  • Understanding About Vectors
  • Creating Free-Form Shapes
  • Creating Rectangular Shape
  • Creating Circular Shape
  • Creating Elliptical Shape
  • Creating Polygonal Shape
  • Creating Star Shape
  • Creating Arc Shape
  • Creating Text Shape in Depth

Creating and Editing Vector
Using Advance Tools

  • Importing the Vectors
  • Clean up the Vector Intersection
  • Clean up the Vector Nodes/Convert the Vector
    into Spline
  • Convert Spline Vector into fit Arc
  • Using Selection Technics
  • Understanding the Grouping Concept
  • Creating Vectors from Intersecting Boundaries
  • Separating Vector with Specific Intersecting

Working with Bitmap

  • Understanding About the Bitmaps
  • Importing Images and Understanding the
    Technical Terms
  • Understanding and Selecting the primary and
    secondary colors
  • Reducing the Number of Colours from
  • Creating Vectors from Bitmap
  • Understanding and Creating a Bitmap Layer

3D Modeling

  • Understanding, Creating, and Selecting a Relief
    Layer/Layer Group
  • Importing and Exporting a Relief Layer
  • Moving, Deleting, Duplicating, and Renaming
    a Relief Layer
  • Merging and Controlling of Relief Layers
  • Understanding the Shape Editor Tool
  • Creating Basic Shapes Using Closed Vectors
  • Constant-Height Lettering
  • Creating a Male/Concave or Female/Convex
    Dome Shape

Basic Operation

  • Creating, Editing, and Deleting the
    Current/New 2D View
  • Setting & Displaying the Co-ordinate Value
  • Setting & Displaying the Grid
  • Setting & Displaying the Ruler
  • Creating, Displaying, and Deleting the
    Guidelines Guide
  • Understanding the UNDO and REDO

Manipulation Command in ArtCAM

  • Using TRIM Tools and Technics
  • Understanding and Using OFFSET Tool
  • Using Transform Tool
  • Using Advanced Technics to Copy, Rotate and
  • Working with Node Editing
  • Editing Vector Spans in ArtCAM
  • Mirroring Obiect
  • Joining operations Vector Nodes

Working with layers

  • Understanding and Creating a Vector Layer
  • Assigning Layer into Existing Object
  • Moving, Deleting, Duplicating, Renaming, and
    Merging Vector Layers
  • Controlling the Layer Visibility,
    Locking/Unlocking, and Snapping
  • Exporting and Importing Vector Layer and

Modifying 3D Model Machining

  • Understanding the 2D Machining and 2D
    Toolpath Tools
  • Understanding the 3D Machining and 3D
    Toolpath Tools

2D Machining Operations

  • Specifying the Material Setup
  • Deleting Material
  • Understanding and Using Profile Toolpath
  • Understanding and Using Hinting Toolpath
  • Using Drill-Holes Toopme
  • Using Inlay wizard
  • Using Raised-Round Toolpath

3D Machining Operations

  • Understanding the Machining and 3D
    Toolpath Tools
  • Using Machine-Relief Toolpath
  • Using Feature-Machining Toolpath
  • Using Z-Level Roughing Toolpath
  • Using Laser-Machining Toolpath
  • Using 3D Cut-Out Toolpath

Post-Processing Tool Paths


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