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At ThirdEye, We believe in bring you the best from the world of ever changing web design and development. This HTML5 course is a designed specially not just to make you aware about the new technology of HTML5 but our expert trainers will lead you through, develop the API and usage of the same in mobile media technology and in web pages. You will surely learn from the very basics of HTML , know how to do the layouts, forms, offline support, Geo location, Audio and Video, graphics, communication APIs, storage, new JavaScript web-workers, and so on. This course will give you a clear edge on your peers at your job. Ideal for ones who want to upgrade their skill sets from current and existing web page designing..


Module1. Vision And Future Of HTML5
Module3. Structure Of A Web Page
  • Page Encoding
  • Markup
    • Updated Elements
    • New Structural Elements
    • New Attributes in HTML5
    • Elements And Attributes
  • HTML5 And CSS3
Module5. Audio/ Video
  • The State of Web Audio/ Video on Plugins
  • The State Of A/V
  • HTML5 Audio/Video Markup
  • Attributes And Methods
  • Audio/Video Events
  • Customizing A/V Controls
Module7. Data Storage in HTML5
  • Problems With The Existing Cookie-based Model
  • New Storage Options
    • Web Storage and SQL Storage
Module8. Offline Applications
  • The Need For Offline Mode
  • The Manifest File
  • The applicationCache Events
  • Deployments And Updates
Module10. HTML5 Web Workers
  • The existing JavaScript Execution Model
  • Web Workers
  • Usage Of Web Workers
  • Communication APIs
  • Handling Errors
  • Browser Support
Module12. Web Sockets
  • Overview Of Web Communication Options
    • The History (Comet)
  • Overview Of Web Sockets API And Protocol& Advantages
  • Browser Support
Module2. Getting Started With HTML5
  • Browser Support
  • Features Detection
  • Support For Legacy Browsers
    • Graceful Degradation
    • Emulation of HTML5
  • Developer Tools in HTML5
Module4. HTML5 Forms
  • The Needs For Web Applications in Changing Time?
  • Current Available Solutions
  • New Input Types
  • Attributes of HTML5
  • Form Validation
  • Browser compatibilities
Module6. HTML5 Canvas

Canvas Vs. SVG

  • Using A Canvas
  • Context And Coordinates
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Working With Paths
    • Drawing Straight Lines, Circles and Arcs
  • Drawing Text
  • Drawing Images and working with pixels
  • Transforms controls
    • Translation, Rotation and Scaling
Module9. HTML5 Geolocation
  • Geolocation
  • Privacy concerns
  • Two Main Methods and position objects
  • Handling Errors
  • The Position Options Object
Module11. HTML5 Messaging APIs
  • Cross-document MessagingThe Origin Concept
    • Cross-document XMLHttp Request
    • Progress Events
  • Server-sent Event
  • Browser Support
What Student Can Do After The Course:
What Is The Fees Of Html Course?

Basic fees starts from Rs. 8,000/- while advanced level courses cost more. The fees will may vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge and choose the course that meets your requirement.

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