How a toy Robot (Robby/Bonny) would be helpful to my child?

Robby and Bonny can be thought of as playmates that introduce children to the world of Science, Technology and Programming in a very playful manner. Children create different kinds of sequences for Robby and Bonny to move based on the problem statement automatically presented to them by the app. Sequences are at the heart of logic building or problem solving – fundamental to programming. By interacting with these toy Robots, children would be able to develop a basic sense of programming. Since these toy Robots can be programmed via Robo G, children can learn the fundamental of all programming like Loops, Variables, If-Else, and Nested If-Else etc.

What are the age requirements for this?

Robby and Bonny can teach programming to young minds of age 5 to 12 years. But it can also be a part of extensive design system as it grows with your child. Essentially making them applicable uptil 18 years.

Is the material safe for my child?

We have consciously chosen MDF material to give it a feel of a toy.
There is no choking or swallowing hazard with Robby/Bonny.

How is Robby controlled?

It can be programmed via an app on the smartphone or via a desktop application (Robo G).

Do I need to have a smartphone for this to code?

Yes! We are currently supporting android

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