Week 1

Introduction to Sketchup, Templates, Set Units, Add Geo Location, Orbit, Pan, Zoom concept, creating lines, Rectangles, working with axes, Creating arcs, circle, polygon and Freehand.
(In each week, you will work on an assignment. At the end of your Google Sketchup course, you will be assigned a Project.)

Week 3

Measure angle with protactor, Apply text, 3D text, Changes of axes, Sandbox tools, From contours, From scratch, Make group, Make component, Face styles, Edge style and viewport styles, Working with views and Parallel projection.

Week 5

Zoom window, Zoom extents Shadows & Fog settings, Position camera, Look around, walk inside the model, Creating animation, Add, Edit, Update scenes, Export files to 3D model, DWG and Graphics.

Week 2

Creating 2D to 3D with Push-Pull tool, create complex extrusions and lathed forms with Follow Me tool, Offset, Move, Rotate, Scale the object, Import DWG into Sketchup, import with units, Apply dimensions and Tape measure tool.

Week 4

Zoom window and Zoom extents, Working with solid tools, Intersect, Union, Subtract, Trim, Split, Create layers, Working with outlinear, Apply materials, Textures, Creating light, Point light, Spot lights, Working with podium browser and Render the scenes.

  • Alphabets and Numbers
  • Self introduction, greetings and basic phrases
  • Spellings and pronunciations
  • Countries & their languages Verb conjugation (regular verbs), personal pronouns
  • Wh-questions, simple statements
  • To talk about hobbies, work, professions and work me
  • Days of the week, months and seasons
  • Definite articles, verb conjugation (irregular verbs)
  • Non-verbal questions, plural forms of nouns
  • Helping Verbs (sein & haben)
  • Learn to talk about food and shopping
  • Vocabulary related to meals, groceries, food, drinks
  • Sentence structure 


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