Introduction to MAC OS- Latest
  • Introduction to MAC OS-X Latest
  • Working with Desktop Visual Environment
  • Working with Desktop Preference Settings
  • MAC Security Settings
  • Introduction & Feature
  • Configuring for iPhone and MAC
  • Exploring the Interface Build
Objective-C (C needed) / Swift (JAVA needed)
  • Introduction
  • Compiling and Running Programs
  • Explaining First Hello World Program
  • Underlying C Programming
  • Data Type and Expression
  • More on Data Type and Expression
  • Program Looping
  • Making Decision, Pre-Processor
  • Object and Classes, Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Working with Property and Self
  • Categories and Protocols, Delegates
Foundation Framework – COCOA
  • Introduction
  • Number, String and Collections
Introduction to iPhone
  • What is iPhone, iPhone Help
iPhone SDK
  • What is iPhone SDK
  • Development Framework
  • iPhone SDK Setup
  • X-Code with iPhone
  • iPhone Simulator
iPhone Architecture
  • iPhone Architecture
  • iPhone GUI & Package
  • iPhone Application
  • Framework
  • iPhone Libraries
  • Interface Builder
  • Outlet, IB Action & Action
Creating User Interface
Programming Storyboard and XIB Files
  • Handling Multiple UI
  • Data sharing between UI
Programming User Attention
  • Alert Views
  • Input from Text Views
  • Action Sheet
Controls Programming
  • Label, Edit Text, Text Field
  • Text View, Buttons
  • Handling Images
  • Animation, Steppers
  • Sliders, Switches
  • Segmented Control
  • Web Views, Scrolling Views
  • Activity Indicator View
  • Progress View, Table View
  • Table View Cell
  • Date Picker, Tab Bar
  • Bar Button Item
  • Flexible Space Bar Item
Programming Media
  • Playing Audio Files
  • Playing Video Files
Interaction to other Application
  • Address Book
  • Twitter
  • MAP
  • E-mail
Reading and Writing Application Data
Database access using Core-Data
  • Assessing Core-Data


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