Microsoft Power BI (Mastery Course)


Understanding the Power BI EcoSystem
  • Describe the Power BI EcoSystem
  • Define Power BI and its Relationship with MS Excel
  • Discuss the Power BI Suite of Products
  • Describe how the Power BI Products Integrate
  • Explain the Typical Analytics Process Flow
Apply Data Presentation Skills Using Power Query
Create and Format Reports using the Power BI Desktop
  • Describe the Use of Page Backgrounds and Templates
  • Create visualizations to Display the Data
  • Apply Drill through and Down
  • Create and Manage Slicers with the Use of Filters
  • Explore Visual Interactions
  • Review Bookmarks
Create and Format Visualizations using the Power BI Service
  • Build Additional reports in the Power BI Service
  • Compile and Configure Reports into a Dashboard
  • Construct a Power BI Mobile Dashboard
  • Add Quick Insights Results to a Report
  • Implement and use Q&A Visual
Create Basic DAX Expressions to Enhance the Power BI Data Mode
  • Define DAX Formulas and Their Applications
  • Discuss DAX Best Practices
  • Explain Syntax Rules
  • Create Basic Calculated Columns and Measures
  • Discuss Row and Filter Context
  • Apply Common DAX Expressions Such as Filter, Sum, etc
  • Discuss Time Intelligence Functions


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