Module 1: Introduction to React.jsWhat is React?
  • Overview of React.js
  • Understanding the Virtual DOM
  • Setting up a React development environment
  • Creating a simple React component Getting started
Module 2: JSX and Components Introduction to JavaScript and ECMAScript
Module 3: Component Lifecycle
  • Understanding the lifecycle of a React component
  • Component mounting, updating, and unmounting phases
  • Lifecycle methods in class components
Module 4: React Router
  • Introduction to React Router
  • Setting up navigation in a React application
  • Creating dynamic routes
Module 5: State Management with Redux
  • Introduction to state management
  • Installing and setting up Redux
  • Actions, reducers, and the store in Redux
  • Connecting React components to the Redux store
Module 6: Hooks in React
  • Introduction to hooks (useState, use Effect, etc.)
  • Custom hooks for code reuse
  • Transitioning from class components to functional components with hooks

Module 7: Forms and Form Validation

  • Handling forms in React
  • Form validation techniques
  • Controlled and uncontrolled components
Module 8: Styling in React
  • Styling approaches in React (CSS, inline styles, CSS-in-JS)
  • Popular styling libraries like Styled Components
Module 9: Testing in React
  • Unit testing React components
  • Using Jest and React Testing Library
  • Testing Redux actions and reducers
Module 10: Building and Deploying React Applications
  • Optimizing and building React applications for production
  • Deployment options for React apps (e.g., Netlify, Vercel)
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI / CD) for React projects
Module 11: Advanced Topics
  • Server-side rendering (SSR) with React
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with React
  • Integration with GraphQL

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