• Introduction of STAAD Pro.
  • Introduction of Structural Designing
  • Modal Generation and Editing
  • Structure Wizard
  • Import / Export DXF file
  • Type of selection and views
  • Types of Cursor
  • Creating and Assigning Properties
  • Define Specification According to Structure
  • Creating and Assigning Supports
  • Introduction of Loads & Definitions
  • Creating Load Cases and loads type
  • Define special loads Cases and parameters
    o Wind Load
    o Seismic Load
  • Assigning Loads
  • Create Load combinations
  • Create Auto Load combinations
  • Concrete Design
  • Beam design & Column design
  • Report Generation
  • RCC Detailing in Auto CAD, Water Tank Design
  • Slab Design
  • Bridge Deck Design Using STAAD Beava
  • Steel Design


Introduction of Steel Design

  • Truss Design
  • Tower Design
  • Industrial Truss
  • Design

RC Design

RC Design Report Generation

Foundation Design

  • How to Open STAAD Foundation
  • Import STAAD Pro. File in STAAD Foundatio
  • Creating Job
  • Define Foundation parameters
  • Report Generation
  • GA Drawing & Foundation
  • Drawing save in DXF file

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