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What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to bring more new customers through digital marketing
  • Be able to retain customers through digital marketing
  • Be able to use different tools to analyze and optimize digital marketing campaigns

Curriculum For This Course

Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Course
  • Digital Marketing Overview, Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Process & Visibility
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic
  • All PPT of the Digital Marketing Course

Website Planning & Creation using WordPress

  • Introduction
  • Types of Website
  • Website terminology and buying domain name
  • Buying a hosting
  • Change Nameserver in domain panel
  • WordPress Installation
  • Create domain email accounts
  • WordPress introduction themes
  • How to create pages and post in wordpress
  • Categories vs tags
  • How to create Menus in WordPress
  • Free theme customization
  • Overview , Analysis, Installation & use of Plugins
  • Content Development
  • Payment gateway and website security
  • Website Planning

Email Marketing

  • Introduction and Signup in Getresponse
  • Creating and publishing Normal website form
  • Creating and publishing Pop-ups on our Website
  • How to Increase Open Rates of Emails
  • How to increase click rates of emails
  • Change email id, hide contact address, new subscibers notification
  • Make all Forms as Single Opt-in
  • How to create Newsletter
  • How to create Autoresponder

Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • How to Design Landing Pages
  • Design Landing Page using Instapage
  • A/B Testing and publishing landing page

Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Adwords Overview
  • Adwords Search Campaign Setup and Analysis
  • Adwords Ad Extension
  • Optimize the Search engine campaign
  • Display Campaign
  • Remarketing

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Off Site Analytics
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Link Google Analytics with Google Adwords, Google Website,etc
  • Audience Analysis
  • Google Analytics Acquisition
  • Google Analytics Behaviour
  • Google Analytics Conversion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Working
  • SEO Introduction
  • Keyword research– parameters
  • Get Keyword Idea list from Google Adwords
  • Shortlist Keywords on basis of Relevance, Monthly searches
  • Finding parameters Google trends & Monetary Value
  • Sort keyword on basis of 5 parameters
  • Final Selection of keywords
  • On page Introduction
  • On page HTML Tags
  • On page Meta Tag
  • On page SchemaTag
  • On page Content
  • On page Keyword Placement
  • On page Text Formats
  • On page Image SEO
  • On page Links
  • On page social media tags
  • On page site accessibilty
  • Local SEO

Facebook Marketing

  • Introduction and setup of facebook page
  • Tips to create engaging post
  • How to Enagage Facebook fans
  • Advertise on Facebook or Facebook Ads

Linkedin Marketing

  • Overview, Profile building and Pulse posting
  • Linkedin Groups
  • Company Pages Building and Strategy
  • LinkedIn Ads Details
  • LinkedIn Ads Creation Practically


  • No prior digital marketing & technical understanding needed – enthusiasm is all that’s necessary!
  • No prior digital marketing or website or seo
Who Is The Target Audience?
  • Anybody who would like to learn digital marketing
  • Anybody who would like to implement digital marketing for his or her business
  • Anybody who would like to grow his career with digital marketing
  • Anybody who wants to make money through digital marketing or adsense
After The Course You Will Be Able To
  • Promoting Your business online
  • Able to make your own brand
  • Able to online business succesfully
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Seo Analystic
  • Setup Your Own Business
  • Work As A Freelancer

The most important reason why you should consider coming to THIRDEYE to learn this course is because THIRDEYE COMPUTER INSTITUTE offers the most integrated courses with the maximum possibility of job opportunities on your profile. As a part of THIRDEYE India which is a leading platform with thousands of Alumna’s and Alumnus’s whom have since graduation from the course have been making waves all over there chosen area of concentration while earning big time Cash and Paychecks, THIRDEYE Jaipur holds much more than just assurance for this course. For more info’s on course details or any other issues please call us on 91 +91-8058061222 or mail to:-


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What Is The Fees Of Digital Marketing Course?

Basic Digital Marketing course fees starts from Rs. 25,000 while advanced level courses may cost upto Rs. 50,000. The fees will may vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge and choose the course that meets your requirement.

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If you have any question about the course then you can find it here.

What is the fees of Digital Marketing Course?

If your want to know about the fees of Digital Marketing Course then please contact us on this number +91-8058061222 or you can drop us a mail on

Which institute is best for Digital Marketing Course?

Thirdeye Computer Institute is the best institute for Digital Marketing Course. We offer fully practice-oriented courses with placement assurance. Our expert faculties provide individual guidance to help you groom as an industry-ready, trained professional. We have highly qualified teachers and flexible batch timings. Our course fees is reasonable you can compare with others. You can pay fees in installments. So hurry up and enroll today.

How good is a career in digital marketing?

Today Digital advertising requires a lot of skills than how it was a six years back. When I started my career in 2010, it was completely different. Scroll down to see the list of abilities required with accompanying free resources & tools. At the end of the day, whatever we do should make an economic sense. Back in those days, marketing was an auxiliary activity compared to sales. A CMO provides to explain the money he/she is investing into those advertisements( read as ROI )! To measure that one has to attribute a sale to a specific marketing activity. This is challenging when several types of advertisements broadcast-ed to everyone. Although there is much advantage to digital advertising, traditional marketing can not be ignored. Marketers have to explore all the channels to reach their audience. You can observe the development of digital advertising by the available job openings. All the job-related stats are collected from TECHSTACK. digital marketing is too broad a spectrum and each of the special fields needs a specific skill set. It ranges coming from being creative to an analytical person. Currently, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization offers more opportunities than Online Advertisement Section Digital articles is growing in users as people need more of them. End up being enrichment, it information or amusement, even more folks than before right now transforms to these articles through myriad devices and functions their different features. The very best modification was brought on by the ever-rising penetration of hand-held products such as smartphones, tablet computers etc. Hence, anything for internet users is only a click away. And with the world’s 40% human population having access to the web, it is rather understandable how businesses just cannot control to strike off digital marketing. Which is usually arranged to become the potential of advertising given the increasing reputation of gadgets the world over. So, with more users today getting the internet, businesses have no choice, however, to end up being where their target viewers is. This is definitely where the value is definitely held by digital marketing as it gives businesses an opportunity to reach their viewers across channels in the digital globe. Brands want to formulate a marketing strategy that can be ideal to touch into the market waiting to end up being converted into leads. The technique should be directed at luring them into taking some actions, holding them brand concepts, offering their interests and reaching to the audience. In a sense, brands need to develop an appropriate and channel-specific strategy where the audience is available to reach. Further, businesses want to power elements that ensure success to them and form the core of digital advertising. From blogs to banner ads to movies to infographics to Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to email marketing to Public mass media advertising, to portable marketing – there are plenty of methods to reap the benefits of digital stations and realise the goals of the business. Similarly, there will become either paid or organic kind of advertising initiatives depending on the type of budget and requirements brands think they need. After all, digital marketing won’t cost much if used with a program in your mind and availed the services of experts for the same.

What is exactly is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is about reaching customers through digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email etc. These digital channels link consumers with sellers and facilitate one to one communication between the businesses and customers.

Any type of marketing that includes promotion of goods or services through any digital medium is called digital marketing.

Various digital channels through which online marketers advertise for strong digital presence.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) –

SEO is an organic way of attracting quality and quantity of traffic of your website and obtaining high ranking in various search engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo etc. It is the process of optimizing websites for search engines.

2. Search engine marketing (SEM) –

Search engine Marketing is a paid medium to advertise the website on search engine result pages. It involves strategies that make sure that you rank in search engine results.

3. Content marketing-

Content Marketing involves range of strategies and techniques to market the product or service through content to engage the customer and generate trust. It involves providing the right information to the targeted customers. Marketers provide the information through their content, such as blog posts, infographics, eBooks or videos.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing involves creating and sharing content on social media in order to achieve defined goals. Great social media marketing can ensure success in business. Ensuring the presence at social media platforms, creating social media user driven quality content and examining feedback and updating the content are the ingredients of good SMM strategy.

5. Affiliate marketing-

Affiliate Marketing is the practice of recommending a company’s product or services to the customer or redirecting them to the seller. Online retailer pays commission to the external website for the traffic or conversion from the reference on the third party website.

6. Email marketing-

Email Marketing is advertisement to the targeted audience through email. It is the process of engaging with your prospects through email. It is the most effective technique to keep your client base updated about your offers.

In short, the digital Marketing encompasses all those activities by which marketer presents right content to the customer at the right time on a digital platform.

How to learn Digital Marketing?

The fact of the matter is that one does not necessarily be an engineer or an IT expert in order to learn this skill set. There are various ways to learn digital marketing course.

· Online

You can always take the course online. Many universities worldwide offer digital marketing course online. You can find some courses online, for instance https://www.emarketinginstitute…. or on…Virtual classrooms are also as effective as actual classrooms, if you want to save travelling time and cost.

· Training institutes

Course can be learned at a reputed institute providing an opportunity for certification on successfully clearing the exam. There are various institutes which offer courses. The advantage of an instructor led program is that you can ask questions and practice. When it comes to finding the right institute, one has to keep some points in mind before choosing the best fit for oneself. An institute providing necessary practical classroom training should be sought. Since digital marketing is a dynamic field, not a static one, an advanced curriculum catering the current marketing need is important while enrolling into the course. Besides, certifications are important. Choose the institute that provides you an opportunity to take a test and get certificate thereafter, since certification stands testimony to your acquired skill and makes it easier for you to get job.

· Digital Marketing workshops and webinar

Attend regular meetups or webinars on a variety of different marketing topics. Take an informed decision after looking at the past workshops and see the career of your participants. Google it and you will find various platforms offering web seminars.

Scope of Digital Marketing:

Market has to be always consumer oriented. What consumer wants has to be offered. With growing use of internet and technology developing at rapid speed, it is important that marketer as well as consumer becomes digital savvy.

Each and every stakeholder in the market is therefore constantly developing and updating digital marketing skills. More and more businesses are shifting from offline marketing strategies to online marketing strategies. According to CISCO INDIA VNI REPORT, internet traffic in India will grow to 829 million in 2021 up from 373 million in 2016.

Marketers have to cater to this growing need and use of internet or digital medium to promote their goods and services. They must generate demand on internet as well as deliver via internet. Traditional marketing services will no longer cater to the customer needs. Companies like Uber, American Express, and Airbnb are some of the pioneers in this emerging digital marketing business. They are creating content that draws attention of the customers, which in turn help them generate leads and subsequently help them in conversion. So why would not they invest in hiring professionals who develop strategies for them?

As we know, the scope of digital marketing is tremendously increasing therefore this skill set is required to promote small ventures, start ups as well as big organizations. Great demand for good quality marketing talent will be sought.

This is the best time for aspirants to learn, since this is a turning point in the age of marketing business, where there is still a gap between digital marketing spends and traditional marketing spends. Before all marketing expenditure shifts to digital media, it is wise to get experience and create a scope for oneself in this growing platform.

The scope of digital marketing is not just restricted to one domain. There are various areas where one can get specialization. Various positions get open once you recognize your interest and expertise in a specific domain.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

The most important role in digital marketing business is that of the digital marketing manager. A manager works on how to drive traffic to the website, create overall strategic campaigns. Do not hesitate to aim at this role if you have a managerial level approach to different tasks at hand.

2. Web designer-

If you have love for coding, get specialized in this role. The secret behind all those user friendly and creative looking websites is a web designer.

3. Social Media Manager-

Give yourself a push for this role, if you always turn out to be a busy bee at social media. As a social media manager, update on current social media trends is important. Planning strategies according to current social media trends is what a social media manager is responsible for.

4. Content writer-

If you got a knack for content writing, this role is definitely meant for you. Create content that has the power to spread across with the help of SEO and other trends, since this job means calling traffic through quality content.

5. Web analyst

A web analyst manages complex systems and software, analyses visitor’s behavior, interprets web traffic data in order to make recommendations to improve overall website performance. Great understanding of data is very important for a web analyst.

There are many other roles in digital marketing such as email marketing manager, e-commerce manager etc. With increasing scope of digital marketing, the scope of these roles will increase.

Curriculum of Digital Marketing course-

The curriculum of Digital Marketing course includes various modules. Various institutions have set modules as per their standard time and duration of the course offered by them. In general, Curriculum includes:

1) Overview of Digital Marketing-

What is digital Marketing, its scope, framework and process of Digital Marketing?

2) Keyword research training-

How to find highly searched keyword and how to plan keyword for effective marketing strategies?

3) SEO Content Creation-

SEO friendly content generation, effective content ideas and strategies of content development.

4) Website designing-

How to create a commercial website, skills for an effective user design.

5) Search Engine Optimization-

Off page and on page optimization for inbound lead generation and to rank higher.

6) Web analytics-

How to keep track of visitor’s behavior and take effective decisions based on the outcomes by Google Analytics?

7) Social Media Marketing-

How to use social media for marketing, what are the ethics and process of working on social media?

8) Search Engine Marketing-

How to drive traffic by purchasing paid ads?

9) You tube channel Marketing-

How to do effective marketing through youtube by creating engaging videos?

10) Mobile Marketing-

How to targeting audience on mobile devices through SMS etc.

11) Email Marketing-

How to do marketing through Email, factors affecting email generation and reaching the target audience effectively through email?

12) Affiliate Marketing/ Google AdSense-

How to generate income through affiliation with the businesses?

13) E-commerce Marketing –

How to sell on internet and convert visitors into buyers?

How I learned Digital Marketing?

The quest to be out there on a public platform prompted me to learn about what Digital Marketing is. Prior to a loosely held conversation with some colleagues, I had not heard about the concept and scope of digital marketing. Vaguely, I started researching about the scope and benefits of the course. I found it interesting, though I did not make a decision to invest money directly into it and rather see for myself first. I started acquainting myself with terminologies and making background on all marketing related terms and concepts. Just as before diving deep into the ocean, you have to have some important devices from wet-suit to diving cylinders to watertight mask readily available with you. The same holds for diving into a new domain.

Then after getting some technical understanding on digital marketing, I started searching for some professional help. There are various training institutes in Delhi to provide advance courses. After taking demo classes for digital marketing, I finalized a digital marketing training institute located in Rohini, Delhi Digital Marketing Profs.

As digital marketing is a practical subject and I wanted to learn on live project. Digital Marketing Profs trainers have a wide range of industry experience, they helped me in starting my blog Ritu Arora ,which was my goal for a long time but due to lack of proper guidance, I was unable to start anything.

Which is the best book for Digital Marketing Course?

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