Vector Graphic Designing Course In Jaipur

Combining geometric forms and figures with vivid colors and strong outlines always makes them visually appealing. Both technical drawings and artistic work might benefit from it. It covers a wide range of topics, and with its well crafted, precise features, you can pick up some useful tips and techniques. It involves more than just traditional study methods; in order to wrap up your job, you can generate your own thoughts and notions based on verifiable observations.


Using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator software�s you can get a grip of Vector Graphics Design and be well versed with upcoming trends and techniques to get skillfully acquainted with the whole process following some easy developed online tutorials that would help you understand the topics and orientations more clearly.


Course Outline:

  • Using Adobe�s most essential tool, known as the pen tool, you can introduce yourself to some of the important features and shortcut methods of the work.
  • With the help of Vector Graphics Drawing, you can have the basic knowledge of how to create the vector art.
  • You can create simplified shapes that are organic using the Illustrator.
  • Vector Illustrations can be added with a feature of textures to achieve proper dimensions and outlook of the image or the art form
  • You can create line- based or geometric portrait of Vector Designs along with drawing faces and transforming human hair into the vector art form.
  • You can create customized cool animated characters popping out of your own ideas on the screen of your Personal Computer.
  • Using the polishing techniques of Vector, you can define your art form with manipulative colors, contrasts and depths. You can also give glitter and glazy effects to your Vector Art Forms of texts to make them look more appealing to the sight of the viewer.
  • The most common element of image sliding of Web Design can be achieved to create Vector Image Slider to have comfortable and easy access to various Art Forms.
Course Outcome:

The course will make you well versed with different software�s like OmniGraffle, FatPaint, SketchUp etc can be used to draw Vector Images. It will also help you complete your work within the given time limits.

Technologies Used:

Blending of different images using brushes can be achieved to give a cool and amazing tint to the appearance of your work to give viewers an eye-catching gift. In this way, you can create blissful scenes and backgrounds.

Career Scope:

You will be placed in animation, IT or many other industries as developers across the globe to shape your career with a new enthusiasm.

What Is The Fees Of Vector Design Course?

Basic fees starts from Rs. 6,000/- while advanced level courses cost more. The fees will may vary depending on the course you choose. There are also levels of training you can choose based on your existing knowledge and choose the course that meets your requirement.

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